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Wrestling's Unlikely Most Watched Star Believes in 'Impossible' WWE Dream Match with John Cena

Original article from Alistair McGeorge through MetroUK can be found at MSN here.

The wrestling world finally believes in Joe Hendry – and he’s not ruling anything out, even a match with John Cena.

The TNA Wrestling star has gone from cult favourite to the man behind the most watched WWE video on X in the entirety of 2024 with 17.5 million views, meaning more fans on the social media platform have viewed his entrance on last week’s NXT show than The Undertaker’s return WrestleMania return, Cody Rhodes’ emotional win or the debut of the Wyatt Sicks.

Speaking just days after that fateful night, the Scottish wrestler exclusively told ‘I was very honoured to hear the response I got from the fans.

‘Some some days, you just you’re just firing on all cylinder, and I just felt like I was having fun. I was happy to be there, I was happy to represent TNA and bring more eyes to it, and do it on that stage.

‘And to get that reaction and to debut in NXT, in the way that I did, with my own music, it was… you can watch the clip, you can literally see a man live his dream in real time.’

Joe – a former Commonwealth Games wrestler who was so close to signing a record deal with Sony Music earlier in his life – really is living the best of both worlds, after his entrance theme I Believe In Joe Hendry soared to number four in the Official Big Top 40 last month.

‘And it is my job to represent that company as best as I can. And I chose to be in TNA Wrestling.’

Looking to the future, Joe promised TNA fans ‘one of the biggest events in this company’s history’ at Slammiversary next month, as everyone looks to capitalise on the ‘buzz’ and wave momentum they’re riding right now.

‘There are so few people who get the opportunity to live their dream,’ he pondered on a personal level going forward with TNA. ‘It would be selfish of me not to give absolutely every fiber of my being.’

TNA Wrestling fans can tune into IMPACT weekly – as well as the company’s specials and historic content – via TNA+.


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