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Anthem believes in giving back to our community. It is one of our core values.  We focus on supporting communities that have relevance to what we do. We work with partners who share our passion for creating positive change and improving the quality of peoples’ lives.

Anthem and the national executive of the NFLAF have partnered to support NFL Alumni’s "Caring for Our Own" mission to serve its members' families, and its "Caring for Kids" program to assist student athletes to reach their full academic potential, address social justice issues and build trust with local law enforcement agencies.


The partnership includes support by IMPACT Wrestling for fundraising initiatives directed to local charities supported by NFLA, hosting opportunities for NFLA-supported local charities in connection with Impact Wrestling events in select cities, and participation by IMPACT Wrestling talent in NFLA events.

Based in London, ON and Boston, CLF serves to advance the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.

Anthem supports the Concussion Legacy Foundation by providing financial support, video production and distribution, as well as strategic guidance for communicating key messages.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment is a proud sponsor of the Adaptive Spirit Annual Event.

Adaptive Spirit is one of the most significant fundraisers for the U.S. Paralympic Ski and Snowboard Team, supporting the remarkable athleticism and competitive spirit of the U.S. Paralympics Ski and Snowboard Team. Thanks to the cable industry’s generosity, millions have been raised over the years, touching thousands of lives.

Dare to Defend is Fight Network's global initiative providing anti-bullying support, and self-defense and self empowerment seminars to victims of abuse including adults and youth. Dare to Defend empowers victims of abuse and the affected members of their families through useful, practical teachings in a positive, private and motivational setting.

Each Holiday season, Anthem Sports & Entertainment teams up with the Red Door Shelter in Toronto Canada and provides donations of food, clothing, toys and games for less fortunate families.


In addition to providing emergency shelter  Red Door provides critical support services to those in need when they arrive, during their stay and as they transition towards independence.