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Tool's Maynard Keenan Invites AXS TV's Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri to Arizona Vineyard

Tool frontman Maynard Keenan invited Sammy Hagar of AXS TV and Guy Fieri to his beautiful vineyard in Jerome, Arizona where he talked about his inspiration behind bringing wine to the desert. After offering a taste of some of his grapes, Keenan invited the visiting pair to sample the pizza at his food truck, which is driven around the state in order to connect the wine with the food.

After they had their fill of food and drink, Hagar took Keenan aside to talk about music, particularly about performing. Keenan remarked that every performance is different.

You think it’s just going to be the same show every night, you know? That you know better than that. It’s not. Tt’s you’re in a different place, you’re a different person, you eat a different meal, a different elevation, so each night is is a different puzzle that you’re having to solve how to get yourself be on that mark when the gun goes off. 


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