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Anthem SE Brings Bob Gold & Associates Into The Ring For Its Corporate Communications

TORONTO | LOS ANGELES - May 29, 2019Anthem Sports & Entertainment, a global multiplatform media company, has selected Bob Gold & Associates, a nationally recognized technology and entertainment public relations agency, to execute its corporate communications programs to elevate and educate key audiences about the company’s diverse sports properties, programming, multiple global networks and its passionate fans.

“Bob Gold & Associates is widely recognized for elevating networks, building brands and helping drive greater distribution while attracting the advertising community,” said Leonard Asper, CEO of Anthem Sports & Entertainment. “They have all the right media connections and entertainment expertise to get our story told where it matters most.”

Founded with a mission to deliver captivating content targeted to passionate communities, Anthem has become a powerhouse in entertainment, music content, which is currently available in 120 countries and targeted to passionate communities with a focus on millennial viewers.

“This is an electrifying global multiplatform media company that offers a variety of unique viewing experiences and is home to a passionate consumer fan base,” said Bob Gold, president & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates. “Anthem consistently delivers boundary-breaking programming and creates viewer excitement for all its properties.”

With offices and studios in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles and Nashville, Anthem’s portfolio includes:

IMPACT Wrestling, one of the largest wrestling entertainment properties delivering more than 300 hours of original content annually across television and other digital platforms

IMPACT Plus, a multiplatform mobile app and digital subscription video-on-demand platform and one of the newest additions to the Anthem family of services, featuring live network specials, access to the IMPACT Wrestling library, original series, reality shows, documentaries and more

Fight Network, the world’s premier combat sports channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports televised in the U.S., Canada and more than 15 other countries

Game+, a cutting edge, millennial-targeted sports and entertainment channel featuring sports wagering programs, E-sports news and information, fantasy sports, high sakes poker and other action-driven shows and lifestyle programming

GameTV, featuring current and past gameshow formats, reality series, drama, documentary series, feature films, E-sports, card-based games, and live sport and wrestling events

Pursuit Channel, a top outdoor channel in the U.S.

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