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Anthem’s GameTV Now Available in HD on Eastlink

TORONTO – Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. announced today that GameTV, a Canadian specialty television channel specializing in game-related programming such as game shows, reality series, movies and sports, is now available in HD on Eastlink – channel 827.

“Since our acquisition of GameTV last year, we immediately prioritized HD carriage to thrive in an evolving media landscape,” said Anthony Cicione, president of GameTV. “We will be rolling out new programming and announcing additional HD launches in the coming months, and we’re optimistic that longtime viewers will be excited about the next phase of the channel while we continue to grow our existing consumer base.”

“The vast majority of consumers now have multiple HDTVs in their home and that means they have an increasingly high expectation that their TV content will be delivered in the best possible quality,” said Eastlink CEO Lee Bragg. “Our customers will be very pleased that GameTV is now available in HD.”

To coincide with the HD launch, new programming is coming to GameTV this March.

• Betty’s back! On Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, her and her fearless gang of senior citizens are on a mission, playing the most hilarious pranks on an unsuspecting younger generation on this hidden-camera series. It’s payback time.

• On Showdown Of The Unbeatables, the best American companies do battle with their prize products. Super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against the extremely powerful waterjet. A vacuum truck capable of pulling 360 cubic feet per minute tackles the 22,000-pound electo-lift magnet. Fireproof fabric takes on a scorching hot, military torch. Who will win the showdown each week?

• On a new season of Storage Hunters, follow Sean and Lori Kelly’s auction company, who sell off the hidden contents of storage units. Many people use these units to house some of their treasured items, but those that fail to pay their rent for 32 days are in for a nasty shock…the owners can cut their lock and sell all of their worldly possessions to the highest bidder. Each episode visits two different auctions and the series is a unique glimpse into the winner-take-all world of storage unit auctions.

• New movies coming this month include Wall Street, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Predators, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, A-Team and more.

GameTV is available in over 9 million homes across Canadian cable, satellite and IPTV systems.

For More Information Contact:

Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp.

Ariel Shnerer

Director, Programming & Communications

About Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp. is a global sports media company and a leader in operating targeted specialty video channels on linear, digital and mobile platforms with offices and studios in New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Anthem’s portfolio includes Fight Network, the world’s premier combat sports channel now broadcasting in the U.S., Canada and over 30 other countries, Fantasy Sports Network (FNTSY), the world’s first and only channel dedicated to fantasy sports, GameTV, a Canadian specialty channel specializing in game-related programming such as game shows, reality series, movies and sports,, a leader in fantasy sports news and analysis,, the most comprehensive and far-reaching daily fantasy sports website and Edge Sport, an extreme and action sports network recently launched in Canada in partnership with IMG. Anthem also has a significant ownership interest in Pursuit Channel, one of the top outdoor channels in the U.S. available in over 40 million homes, and it owns, a leader in general sports entertainment commentary.


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