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Anthem Sports & Entertainment’s mission is to create and distribute content serving passionate communities across multiple platforms. We also aim to:

  • Provide a great life and work experience for our employees.

  • Give our customers an engaging and stimulating way to enjoy their passions.

  • Reward our shareholders with a superior return on their investment.


Anthem Sports & Entertainment believes that business is a holistic endeavour in which success breeds the responsibility to support one’s community. Wherever Anthem does business, we consider the entire community to be part of our family, and that means we take an interest in all members’ well-being and quality of life.

We believe in the following core values:







Anthem’s current portfolio includes:

  • AXS TV, a leading music, entertainment sports and lifestyle channel, available in 50+ million homes, including every major US TV market.

  • HDNet Movies, featuring theatrically released films and documentaries including iconic classics and award winners spanning the 1950s to 2000s, available in 12 million US MVPD homes.

  • Gravitas Ventures, is a worldwide film distributor that connects filmmakers and producers.

  • Fight Network, a combat sports specialty network, with over 3 million subscribers in 32 countries, in addition to its global presence on digital platforms.

  • IMPACT Wrestling, one of the world’s largest wrestling entertainment properties, creating more than 200 hours of original content annually across television and other digital platforms.

  • Invicta FCthe world’s premier MMA fight series dedicated to showcasing the world’s best female fighters on a major platform, pioneering the future of women’s MMA sports.

  • GameTV, the ultimate destination for game show fans & social gaming players.

  • Game+, the home for fantasy sports, sports wagering, Esports, live sports, high stakes poker and more.

  • Pursuit Channel, significant ownership stake in this outdoor hunting and fishing specialty television network, with 38 million subscribers in the U.S.

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