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Hello Anthem!


Selection Sunday has happened, so that means it's time for the 2024 Anthem NCAA March Madness Pool.


The best part of the tournament is the possibility of almost anyone to win. Once again we will be running the pool through CBS. 


Please follow this link to enter:


Click here for Anthem March Madness Pool


Here is the breakdown of the pool:

- Entry fee is FREE for Anthem employees / 1 entry per employee

- Winner gets a $300 gift card, 2nd place gets a $150 gift card, 3rd place gets a $75 gift card, 4th place gets $50, 5th place gets $50

- We will also accept sheets emailed in, if you don't want to sign up through the website.

- For the purposes of this pool, play-in games DO NOT count.

- For the first two rounds, choosing the correct winning team will get you 1 point, plus the team's seed value. EX. #8 seed beats the #9 seed, you will awarded 9 points.

- Winning in the SWEET 16 will get you 4 points, Elite Eight 8 points, Final Four 16 points and choosing the winner of the National Championship Game is worth 32 points.

- At the end of the tournament, the person with the most points wins.

- The total points of the Championship Game will be used as a tie-breaker.


Good luck to all!

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